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[uh-sem-bluh-jist, as-ahm-blah-zhist]


1. an artist who produces works of art using the techniques of assemblage.

 Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate. 

Richard J. Hinger, an American self-taught artist, was born in Pennsylvania. During childhood he traveled with his family throughout the United States and to Panama. On his own at the age of 17, he eventually found his way to the west coast of Southern California where he conceived his ideas for his initial visionary art pieces.


A tile specialist by trade, Hinger began using his work materials and familiar found-objects to create wall and free-standing sculptures. Without formal training, he forged his own technique and distinctive style, and quickly gained attention for his provocative works made from discarded and recycled items.


Early in his career, Hinger also enjoyed working with at risk youth and homeless teens on public art projects he developed. As a result, he founded E.S.I. Arts, a non-profit community arts program bringing utilitarian pubic art to cities’ public spaces.


Hinger has been a significant and prolific artist for over 30 years, and has an expansive body of work. Referred to as “fossilized stories of the future”, his pieces reflect current social, political, and environmental issues, and frequently transport the viewer into a dystopian destiny.

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