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Lehighton Letters

20181002_234404 (1).jpg

Lehighton Letters  is a series of works created for public libraries worldwide by found object sculptor Richard J. Hinger. Works from Lehighton Letters, named after the artists PA birthplace, are on exhibition in London, New York City, Paris, Washington D.C. and  60 other public libraries.  These new works are made from salvaged signage letters inlaid with assorted commonplace objects, and spell out inspiring words such as READ, BOOKS, and ART. 

     Richard J. Hinger, a self/taught artist for 25 years, makes sculptures out of used and discarded items.  His Environmental  Art  has been met with enthusiasm and has captured the attention of people of all ages and backgrounds.  The positive response from the libraries and the viewers have been inspiring, and the Lehighton Letters sculptures have spurred an interest in this new form of Eco-Sculpture.

    " Libraries are cultural centers, and it is very gratifying that my art works can be viewed by all kinds of people through these libraries. My art tells stories that everyone can relate to in their own way. I hope it encourages reading, storytelling, recycling, and creativity while promoting an earth friendly message."

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