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Current Exhibitions


2826 Fairfield, St.Petersburg, FL.
8/15/2019 - 10/15/2019


WASTELAND is a showcase of Hinger’s large free-standing sculptures that illuminates his original manifesto ‘Post-Apocalyptic Visions’, based on Hinger’s social rage and belief that human greed and selfishness, injustice among people, and the reckless treatment of the environment are leading to world devastation.


WASTELAND depicts a dystopian future of life among discarded items in an environmentally degraded landscape.  The tableau portrays the results of our wasteful and destructive nature as humans. Using thousands of discarded items, Hinger incorporates the refuse of our daily lives into a textural and alluring spectacle.


WASTELAND, with subtle social and political commentary, communicates an urgent visual statement about our future. While drawing viewers in to a world of human misery, resignation, and forced innovation, Hinger implores us to question our current attitudes and societal behaviors.

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